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The Trading Hub connected to the Stellar Network.

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Stellar Network Trades is a cryptocurrency exchange which allows its users to connect to the stellar network. We act as an "Anchor" on the stellar network and issue credit in the form of any asset they choose: USD, CAD, Stocks, Bonds, Real-Estate etc. Once a user is verified and connected to the network, we set up a "trustline" and give free credit to the user in the form of USD.

With this USD credit, users can send payment to any other user on the network. This allows for transactions that could never take place without the stellar network. Imagine paying someone in USD and having it automatically converted into the other persons prefered asset - whether its euros, gold, or even bananas or goats! Anything is possible on the stellar network!

For more information check out this video to see how USD credits move through the stellar network.

Why Choose Us?

World Class Security

We utilize the latest security protocols and practices during our day to day operations to help protect our users. One of these is "decentralized encryption", which creates a token of your private keys and then splits the token into many peices which will be stored in multiple locations. One part of the token will be stored in the minds of our users as an easy to remember peice of information. This greatly enhaces our security and lets our users feel safe and secure while sending and receiving xlm or any other asset.

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Buy Stellar XLM

Using our trading platform you can buy and sell Stellar XLM to anyone locally or around the world! You will be trading directly with other person instead of a computer which takes buy/sell orders. This makes the buying and selling process open to anyone any everyone - and allows all users to make and receieve payments in any currency they would like.

How do we do this? We act as a Escrow Service which brings together buyers and sellers and ensures that all trades on our network are safe and secure.

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The stellar networks allows you to move money accross borders quickly and at a cost of only a fraction of a penny. Once you are verified, we are able to issue you USD credit on the system which you can use to trade or make purchases. For example, if you want to pay your Japanese co-worker in Yen, simply make the payment using the stellar netowork and the balance will be subtracted from your USD credits and added to your co-workers credits in Yen. All of the currency exchanges are done behind the scenes at the best rate possible.

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